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Fonts and Keyboard Layout

If you need to visit websites that have text in Amharic, or if you want to work with Amharic characters in a word processor you need to install Ethiopic fonts in your computer.

If the following text does not display correctly the most likely cause is that your system does not have Ethiopic fonts installed:

ጤና ይስጥልኝ

Another possible cause is that your web browser is not configured to display Ethiopic characters. This can be fixed in the "Languages" or "Fonts" sections in the options window of your browser.

An additional piece of software that you may need to install on your computer is an Amharic keyboard layout, to be able to type Amharic text using the keyboard.

If you have a Windows computer then this is only necessary for Windows XP or older PCs, since Windows Vista comes with native support for Amharic. Macintosh computers also need a third party keyboard layout.

Where to download Ethiopic fonts and keyboard layouts